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Visit our Webpage or download the 1TimeShop app from Apple store or Google Play Store. - sign up using your mobile number. - An OTP will be sent to your phone. - FIll out the registration form. - Sign in off you go. For More Details -
After downloading the 1timeshop mobile App, sign up, input your personal details and your account is set. then go to your profile icon (its the last icon by your right on the bottom of your screen) Click on "my wallet" input the amount of money you want to add then click on "add money" Choose the payment option from the + icon below or you click on the Paystack option above and follow the instructions as seen on your screen when you select the payment option you prefer. once you are done with that, it automatically takes you back to your wallet where your balance would have reflected. your wallet is then successfully funded. kindly go back to the home screen order away!  "1timeshop here to make life easy"
Go to the last icon on the right-hand side of the bottom of your screen. click on my addresses, then click on the + icon, and then add your address, area, House No, and landmark. don't forget to save the address. You can save as many as you want to. Thank you for using the 1timeshop mobile App.
Click on the pickup and drop-off option/icon. input the pickup location and add the pickup details (name, phone number, building/floor no. landmark) then submit.  input delivery details or drop-off location. add drop-off details (name, phone number, building/floor no. landmark) then submit. Add item details for delivery (name of the item, quantity, and description) and click on done. click on the 'i accept T&C". CLICK ON CONTINUE. Select the preferred delivery vehicle type depending on your quantity and weight (kg) place your request and a delivery vehicle rider would accept your request. you can track the location/movement of the vehicle on your screen. ''1TIMESHOP HERE TO MAKE LIFE EASY''